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How do I join? https://yummysofie.com/register/ How can I pay? We accept Visa and Mastercard Do you take Paypal? No, Paypal prohibits adult digital media Can I just buy pictures to see you? Yes, if you prefer, you can visit  http://Bentbox.co/yummygirlphotography purchase individual galleries Are the galleries on Bentbox the same as your site? Yes, and we have much more content on my site? Can I download content? Yes, but there are additional costs to purchase downloads. Do you have videos? Yes,…

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shmohemianshmapsody: man-duhh: klusterfuckme: b-rizzle4shizzle: obama-taught-me: ESPN: “The Body Issue” Amanda Bingson, Paige Selenski, Natalie Coughlin, Leticia Bufoni, Ali Krieger, Aly Raisman, Can we just recognized that they all have different body types but are all extremely athletic. And none of these photos are hyper sexualized ?? Oh my GOD Thank god people can actually take pics of women without sexualizing them! Wow

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